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At Foundations, I've learned how to live and be a productive member of society.  This is a warm, loving, and supportive environment.  The Director and House Manager are amazing and always available.  I would definitely 

 recommend Foundations to any woman seeking a sober-living home.



My experience at Foundations Recovery House has been very positive.  The Director is very approachable and the management works well together.  There is a sense of family at this recovery house that I have not experienced at others before. This is a structured environment where privileges are earned.  The personal responsibility stressed at the house is helping me build a strong foundation for my recovery!  


Foundations Recovery House has helped me to become a stronger woman while working on all aspects of my recovery.  There's a lot of love shared in this house; it's an amazing thing to be a part of every day.


I'd consider this house one of the top two in the state in appearance and program organization.


Highly recommended to women looking for a structured, yet manageable, approach to recovery.  Truly a beautiful house with a HOME-LIKE feel!



The best way for me to describe Foundations Recovery House is as "God sent." When I came here I was broken, I hated my life, myself, and the world around me to the point of giving up.  I had NO HOPE!  I had become so closed off and my walls so high to keep everyone out.  I was so sad and so ANGRY.  I was ok with how NOT ok I was until I came here! Tabitha and the women in this house changed all that for the first time in as long as I can remember.  I finally felt at home and at peace.  I felt the love and hope all come back into my life and I did not feel alone anymore.  I used to hate when people would say, "We will love you until you love yourself" but that's what they did!  I found myself able to smile again and laugh and enjoy life in ways I never though I'd be able to do again.  I FELT SAFE! At first, I assumed others had a motive when helping someone until meeting Tabitha.  She is, and will always be, someone that is pure at heart.  She wants nothing but to help people like me have a second chance at living a clean, healthy life.  So, this is for her and everyone in this recovery house, I'LL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL!



I am so grateful to have been a part of the Foundations family.  As soon as I stepped foot into the house, I instantly felt at home and like I belonged.  It has helped me get a daily routine and structure to my everyday life.  Foundations really helped me lay down my roots here in Easton and start a new and enjoyable life in recovery.  I am so glad I chose to come to the Foundations Recovery House.  It is definitely a 10/10.  So glad I have the memories fro this house to cherish for a lifetime.



Foundations has given me a solid foundation again to build whatever it is I desire.  I've had the pleasure of a safe, clean, beautiful home to recover in.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of something great with no expectation but to life as a productive member of society.  If you desire to life again, clean and healthy, Here is where you can do this.


Tabitha brings a positive aura to Foundations. There's a family feel.  FRH has awakened me to the spirit of living a clean and sober life.  If anyone needs a place to live and learn about the next step of fighting addiction, take it with FRH.  Your mind, body, and spirit will open up to new horizons.


Before arriving at Foundations, I had no sense of direction. I felt hopeless and believed that there was no more to life than the one I was previously living. Once I arrived at Foundations, my life began to change.  I was welcomed with such a warm and caring arrival.  Finally, I was amongst my peers - those that understand just how I was feeling inside.  Since being here, I now have a sense of pride, worthiness, and courage.  I now have a purpose in life.  I now believe in me and see my worth in life.  It feels good to be the man that God wants me to be - caring, loving, selfless.  I thank Foundations Recovery for all it has done for me and my recovery.  My life is so much more productive today.



As both a professional and participant of the program, I have to say that Foundations Recovery House has been one of the best experiences in helping me to remain abstinent from alcohol by emerging me into recovery and promoting personal and spiritual growth.  This program focuses  on all aspects of my recovery to include total Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It is designed for women to succeed who are truly seeking to recover from substance abuse.  The program offers different levels of personal growth that are achievable or that can be customized based on different needs.  The home is clean and comfortable yet structured with firm guidelines in order to help women learn accountability, responsibility, and self-care as well as other life skills for living.  There is no doubt that I would recommend Foundations Recovery House to anyone who has a sincere desire to be free from the bondage of addiction.


I chose Foundations Recovery House because I knew how much love and care was put into this house.  I currently have six months clean and truly believe with the help of the wonderful people that run this home, I can achieve anything.  This house is my home and I am beyond happy to be a part of this family.


Foundations Recovery House has been a lifesaver for me.  I was released from jail in a state other than where I lived without a stable, healthy environment to return to and ready to change my life.  Tabitha and FRH helped me make that change.  The friendships I've made with the women here are priceless to me...  I continue to make great strides in my recovery and reestablishing my life.  I'm eternally thankful for this program. 


Foundations Recovery House has been one of the biggest parts of my recovery for the past year.  When entering the program, I was still a little unsure about my sobriety.  But, over time, the friendships, structure, and sense of belonging that this house has afforded me, have helped to build a solid foundation for my recovery.  I will forever be grateful for this house and the relationships I have built in it.


I can't say enough about Tabitha, the management team, and Foundations Recovery House.  The structure and guidance every newcomer receives here helps build a lasting foundation to successfully move forward.  In no time, I understood the importance of putting my sobriety first, making my mental and physical health important and how to grow.  Progressing through the levels, my family and I have seen and felt the changes in me.  Also, the town of Chestertown has been amazing.  They have a great network of people in recovery that truly want to help.  The guys in the house are close! We've become family, always being there for each other.  I owe so much to Foundations Recovery House and their program.  They gave me the tools to succeed and I use them daily.  My family, work, friens, and I love the man I've become.  I'm finally proud to be me, and I thank you for showing me I could change for the better and live a happy, successful, sober life.



Foundations Recovery House is an AMAZING place for women to continue their path in recovery and to rebuild their lives!  Coming to FRH was the BEST decision I've ever made!



Moving into Foundations Recovery House has been a breath of fresh air.  The women are kind and extremely supportive.  It has given me a chance to live clean in a safe space.  The house is beautiful and has a very Zen vibe.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  The best recovery house I've ever been in!



Before coming into Foundations, I felt lost and hopeless.  This recovery house has given me a chance to build my network and focus on rebuilding my life.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.



To know the true meaning and essence of Foundations, look no further than the collection of ladies faces peering through their testimonies .  If you are fortunate enough to pause for just a single moment you will see their words slowly fade from the pages as their brightness and clarity... the kind fostered out of second, third, and sometimes countless new beginnings, shines through in a rainbow of hope, peace, self-worth, and belonging.  This is Foundations, this is where you recover yourself.. the true person you know you were meant to be alongside others doing the same.  The faces you see on this page are Foundations, not the address, not the beautiful and well-kept accommodations.. but the glimmer of knowing you have found the ideal space surrounded by others seeking the same return while expecting you, pushing you, being pushed, and finally joining you to a sisterhood of recovery where the people make the house as much as it makes it possible for them.  Pictures do say a thousand words, just look and you will see it, you will feel it, splashing from the faces of Foundations. 



I have nothing but positive things to share about Foundations.  The women here showed me a new way of living.  I've always wondered what it would be like to have a sister and now I have many.  I'm so grateful for my Foundations family!



I have spent 30 days in various rehab programs in the past but I had never lived in a recovery house.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  What I experienced upon arrival at Foundations was a true sense of belonging among women going through the same pain and growth as me.  My problems were normal ones here and I was home when I walked in the door the very first day.



As someone who has been in and out of recovery houses over the last few years, I can honestly say that I have found my safe haven.  The amount of growth I've experienced since coming here has far exceeded expectations.  The camaraderie we have and the peace of the environment lets me know I'm home.



My experience at Foundations Recovery House has been amazing.  Tabitha is a very caring and loving person who provides structure and routine to our lives.  The other women in the house have been extremely friendly and helpful; they have become like a second family to me.  We all hold each other accountable for our actions here. Which is awesome!  On top of everything else, the house is lovely and well kept.  We all pitch in to make sure it stays that way too.  I'm extremely happy I decided to come to Foundations and I plan on staying here for a while to help with my recovery and improving my life.



Thank you, Tabitha, for giving me the opportunity to grow at Foundations. The experience I've had here was life changing.  I've built structure to carry on.  I have empathy now.  I've been given chances, lessons, and a lot of love here at Foundations.  It has been a molding process, a rejuvenating journey.  Foundations has been a stepping stone with a lot of thought involved helping me to evolve.



As a resident at Foundations Recovery House, I can honestly say this place is absolutely amazing.  The Director, Tabitha Groce, has helped me change my life entirely.  She is amazing, strong, helpful, and inspirational; I feel very lucky and so grateful to have found this program and met her.  The support and encouragement offered helps those who are ready and willing to begin making better choices to change their lives.



When I arrived at Foundations Recovery House, I was accepted with open arms and was welcomed so warmly.  The ladies have been so helpful and amazing in my transition and my recovery.  The program is inspiring working on body, mind, and spirit.  Being at Foundations has given me hope as to where I can go in my recovery.


At Foundations Recovery House, I get the best ear scratches and belly rubs!  The ladies are so friendly and attentive to my needs.  Every time I visit, I feel like I'm right at home.  They even have toys just for me!

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